Projet hd3000 - high-definition 3d printer

Friday, February 1, 2008

Projet hd3000 - high-definition 3d printer

The "High-Definition" phrase that comes from television is now becoming popular in other spheres. With this new term The 3D Systems corporations chracterizes it's new device for rapid prototypes manufacturing (3D-printer) ProJet HD 3000 3-D Production System. This device has become a part of company's expositions on the SolidWorks World 2008 Exhibition, where it was presented to public at the last week. In these days the ProJet HD 3000 3-D printing system can be reviewed by the participants and guests of Pacific Design & Manufacturing Show, which finishes up in California.

“We are absolutely delighted with the Publish Postoverwhelming and positive responses we received from the CAD and engineering community for our new 3-D Production System,” said Abe Reichental, 3D Systems’ president and chief executive officer. “Just like SolidWorks users, many CAD software communities are benefiting daily from transforming their designs and ideas into physical, accurate and functional three-dimensional parts by utilizing 3D Systems’ Rapid Prototyping and Manufacturing technologies. The positive feedback from SolidWorks World attendees validates our continued R&D efforts to deliver more high-performance 3-D Printing solutions to the marketplace.”

Among the unique possibilities of ProJet HD 3000 the developers claim the ability to create parts (3-dimentional models to print) of intricate and complex form which had to be formed earlier from several separate parts and the existence of a few work regimes. The company promises to begin the commercial delivery of ProJet 3-D Production System in March 2008. The facility will base upon the patented technology of Multi-Jet Modeling (MJM) which is considered among the new generation technologies by it's creators. It can be considered as a 3d printer for architects, 3d architectural printing tools, or 3d architectural modeling "printer".

The ProJet™ 3-D Production System, available for customers worldwide beginning in March 2008, is a next generation 3-D Printer based on 3D Systems’ patented and proprietary Multi-Jet Modeling (MJM) technology. This high-throughput 3-D Printer produces best-in-class part quality and accuracy while providing the choice of both high-definition and ultra high-definition build modes. Compatible with 3D Systems’ VisiJet® Materials, it is ideal for a wide range of uses, including concept development, design validation, form and fit analysis, production of molding and casting patterns, direct investment casting of jewelry and other fine feature applications.
The presented 3d printer grants the numerous 3d printing advantages that include high preformance, the highest accuracy of creating functional parts from 3d printers, samples and surfaces quality in it's printing class. The mode of "high-definition" is foreseen and even "ultra high-definition" is there. The new three dimensional printer is compatible with the 3D Systems VisiJet materials series which allow to produce large prototypes with the high specters of 3d properties. In the last year the company promised to low the price of 3D-printers to 2000 dollars and below. The products that were told about were those that are targeted towards the broad range of users, including visual prototype collectors, modelers and decorators. Source: 3D Systems Corporation