Second Level Servicing

Monday, April 14, 2008

Second Level Servicing

"Second Level Servicing"? What's that all about? Well, it goes like this: services like TechShop provide access to high-power fabrication equipment that anyone can use simply by dropping by a TechShop. However, Breakpoint offers another possibility: He'll drop by TechShop and build your project for you, thus creating a service on top of a service. This is a great idea for those who just don't have enough time or skills to do the work themselves, yet still want to take advantage of the terrific services offered by TechShop.

Have something crazy to build? Let me know...
Well folks, in my role as Director of Special Projects for TechShop, I am now looking for anybody who has projects for any of the following:

* Laser cutter/engraver
* CNC plasma cutter
* CNC router/mill, metal/plastic (roughly 12x12x4 inches max; larger may be doable), metal casting
* CNC hot-wire foam cutter (VERY large bay, suitable for architecture, movie sets/props, etc.)
* 3D printer (fused-deposition modeler, ABS plastic, 12x12x12 inches max-- this is the real deal)
* Vinyl cutter (3 feet by any sane length; suitable for banners, signs, etc.; cutting or plotting operations only)
* ...anything else in TechShop is open to discussion, but these are the most straightforward candidates

...and needs parts in quantities from 1 to 500 within the next six months. We are considering launching a BETA short-run production capability-- our prototyping services are already live-- and I need a few test projects! Burning Man projects, props for video shoots that are still months away, etc., are probably ideal. Laser and foam work in particular I think we will have alarmingly quick turn-around on.

As you probably know, YOU can walk right on into TechShop, take a class, get a membership or day pass, and start working on Your Own Cool Stuff. However, if you need a bunch of something, or if you have zero time to do it yourself, you need to call or email Yours Truly, and I will help you evaluate some options!

Obviously, while we're getting the kinks out of this process, we're offering some price breaks-- I'd like to offer these to my friends and Genuinely Cool People who have a little flexibility before we offer them to The World at Large.

So, let me know!